Friday, April 16, 2004

Milena Velba Miosotis Oil Wrestling

animations & reflections

The Lodger are so-so but the
' animation made me do a smile. I must remember

Antonello call (Satta Centanin) to compliment this:

la copertina non mi piace

Meanwhile jot down two lines that end up in the press:

"The Rockets, the dirty magazines, the UFO Solar, the arrest of Enzo Tortora, the color television, Re Cecconi, the game Ping, Portrait of a woman veiled are just some of the little myths "seventies", mixed with fragments of personal information, that dot the new book by Aldo Nove. Neither novel nor collection of disconnected stories, rather than an exercise in style to Perec, in which the microcosm of provincial child and cataloged - Fifty Viggi├╣ memories of childhood in a such a distinct change author's ego - becomes a naive but not too much (or rather merciless brain) diagnosis of the trauma of that generation, the first after the war, widely bombarded by radiation from a dematerialized goods and invasive. E 'humorous and sad with this book, with extraordinary control of linguistic registers, able to fix mutations perceptive on this mutant childhood: childhood locked children of those now-graying consumers, so-called adults with little conviction, which had ten years in the seventies. Nothing to do with nostalgia-style operation "My soul": this is exactly psicomediatica surgery.

the past few days I'm in productive nostalgia with Marco Philopat. We'll see products ...

I'm going to the hotel to drink something with another label (Castoldi). Tonight concert outside the apartment ...
with your greetings!

(Max for President!
Viva! Italy)


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